The PhoneDoc Guarantee

We guarantee that the parts we install will operate properly, and our standards of quality workmanship will be upheld. There is no time limit; for as long as you own the device, we'll stand proudly behind our repair.

Of course, there are a few things we simply can't cover:

  • Re-Breaks: Things break when dropped or damaged. This is a simple and unfortunate fact. We cannot defy the laws of physics, but we're sure you understand!

  • Water Damage: We provide services on water damaged devices for the purpose of data recovery, not to restore them to 100% functionality. If your phone, tablet, or computer has come in contact with liquids, consider it to be on borrowed time.

  • 3rd Party Tampering: We cannot guarantee anyone's work but our own, which we do stand behind with absolute confidence.

  • Batteries: By design, all batteries have a limited life span. Unless otherwise specified, PhoneDoc battery replacements include a 1 year warranty covering battery performance and manufacturing defects.

If you ever notice something wrong with our repair, just bring it back as quickly as possible so we can do whatever it takes to make it right.