Mail-In Repair Terms of Service:

Customer assumes all liability when mailing in a device for service & repairs. If the device is damaged or lost while in possession of delivery service, Phone Doc Inc. (hereafter referred to as "PhoneDoc") will not be held liable for said damages. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees if a repair quote or estimate is declined, or if a device cannot be repaired and a fee is not collected by PhoneDoc.

PhoneDoc is not responsible for any problems with a device that cannot be tested prior to beginning work for reasons such as, but not limited to: failure to provide correct passcode; no power; no display; inoperable interface; or any other reason a device cannot be tested prior to repair. PhoneDoc is not responsible for any data loss that may occur as a result of services performed. PhoneDoc is not responsible for device malfunctions resulting from liquid damage, and does not guarantee future functionality of any device with evidence of liquid damage.

Any device left unpaid in PhoneDoc's possession longer than 30 days after a repair invoice or return shipping invoice is sent will be considered abandoned property, and PhoneDoc will take lawful ownership of said property. Abandoned property may be destroyed, refurbished, sold, or otherwise appropriated at PhoneDoc's discretion.

* At our discretion, we may decline services beyond data recovery on devices with evidence of liquid damage. This is due to the incompatible nature of water & electronics - we want to be proud of each & every repair, and liquid damaged devices are often unreliable.

** For any data recovery job where a 'path to data' can be established we will charge the full price upon reaching this solution - - even if you are unable to provide the correct passcode, or the device has been previously restored, or there is no personal data available.

*** We reserve the right charge an additional $50 fee for logic boards with previous repair attempts (cleaning up someone else's mess)

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