The PhoneDoc Story - Committed to Quality


Our retail / repair operation began under a different name back in 2009. Back then, myPhoneMD was among the very first innovators to launch a mobile phone repair company. We had some friends and family members who had broken the screen on their iPhone 3G, and then found some guys on Ebay who had parts for them. It wasn’t long at all before we had a line of customers every day, all coming to get their phone repaired for a fraction of the cost Apple charged to replace the whole thing.


In 2011, PhoneDoc was born. We combined the experience and established markets with some of the hardest working and reputable technicians and managers around, united under the mantra “Under-Promise, Over-Deliver.” We set to work developing robust, worldwide supply chains so we weren’t at the mercy of random Ebay seller #5098188 when a part didn’t work out the way we hoped. We developed repair techniques and standard practices, so even when nobody was looking we were still doing things the right way.

This simple philosophy is still at the core of our customer experience. We believe in exceeding expectations on every level - whether it is something simple like how long it takes to replace a battery, or complex matters like whether logic board repair or data recovery is even possible. In every transaction, our goal is to deliver more than what was expected.


Seeing is believing

Logic board repairs require powerful microscopes and precision tools

In 2018, the electronics repair world is very different than it was 9 years ago. What has not changed is PhoneDoc’s commitment to excellence and quality. We’ve built a reputation for doing things the right way, even when it’s not the easy way. Many of our local competitors trust PhoneDoc to repair badly damaged logic boards and perform deeper diagnostics than the typical repair shop has access to. We haven’t grown a large footprint - we still only operate out of 3 locations (Mandeville, Covington, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana) - but our roots run deep.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank our amazing customers, employees, and colleagues for making us a fixture in our community. We are committed to setting the right example for what a repair shop should be!

PhoneDoc specializes in rapid, professional service providing iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, & Android Repair in Mandeville, Covington, and Baton Rouge, LA