Logic Board Repair & Microsoldering

Repairing a corroded capacitor near the CPU power management circuit on a MacBook Air

Repairing a corroded capacitor near the CPU power management circuit on a MacBook Air

"Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things"
- Peter Drucker

For years, we've sought after the best practices and methods to bring devices back to life when none of our usual tricks seem to work. We've tried everything from dry bags to toaster ovens, pick a trick and we've attempted it at least once. Although there are varying success stories for everything, not all of these methods are legitimate in the world of repair. Naturally, we've worked our way closer and closer until it became apparent that we simply must invest in much more sophisticated techniques to continue growing in our expertise.

Starting in 2015, we began to invest in the technology and training necessary to effectively repair board-level faults. Through great effort, we've grown to the point where we can apply these skills and methods not only to existing issues in-house, but also as standalone services for other repair shops and the general public.

Cool... What does that mean for me?

Let's start with water damage. At some point, it is likely that your phone, tablet, or computer will come in contact with liquid. We all know how poorly water & electronics get along, but most people rarely take all the precautions they should. Be honest - there is probably some sort of liquid within 2 feet of whatever you're reading this on right now. Heck, there is a full coffee mug just 2 inches to the left of my computer as this is being written. The human body is up to 75% water, so its only natural that our electronics are exposed to it on a regular basis. 

Most modern devices don't contain removable storage anymore, so when yours gets soaked and shuts off, you lose access to any data stored on it until it powers on again. That means unless it's been backed up, those 3 years of baby photos are effectively gone. Sometimes putting it in a bag of rice overnight will magically make the phone power on again. Sometimes poking pins in a phone-shaped voodoo doll will seem to work. Sensing the sarcasm? The thing is, these are just tricks. It is completely up to chance - not science - as to whether you ever see those photos again. More often than not, we are now able to pinpoint and repair the specific circuit that is preventing your device from operating. Viola! - years of memories have been rescued - now go back them up!

Shorted, burnt and corroded contacts beneath the Touchscreen IC on an iPhone 6 Plus

Shorted, burnt and corroded contacts beneath the Touchscreen IC on an iPhone 6 Plus

Successful data recovery is one of many favorable outcomes we're achieving. We've found new solutions to tons of common issues. Remember the iPhone 6 Touch IC 'disease'? We are still repairing phones every day with these symptoms - phones that your local Apple Genius will have you paying for an out-of-warranty replacement instead of repairing.

Another common problem with iPhones that can only be corrected with board-level microsoldering has to do with the charging cable. Simply by plugging in a cheap knock-off lightning cable you can burn up the internal voltage regulator, permanently disabling the phone's ability to charge the battery - even with a brand new cable. This happens all the time, but we can fix it quickly and effectively with a new chip.

We certainly aren't limited to just fixing phones and tablets. This very computer - the one with lukewarm coffee precariously lurking inches away - was discarded because it would no longer charge or power on. It was on its way to a scrap heap when we intercepted it. With some educated circuit tracing, we were able to find and repair the corrosion (more water damage) on the charging circuit, which on the MacBook Pro also tells the rest of the computer it's OK to power on. It works like a charm now, and about 4 pounds of E-Waste has been kept out of the landfill!

For the sake of brevity we'll stop bragging now. Suffice to say, the applications for logic board repair are wide and plentiful. We're not only pleased to return our customers a device that nobody else could fix; there is also that warm-fuzzy feeling when we something good for the planet.

We proudly offer Logic Board and Microsoldering services for all:

  • Water Damage / Data Recovery
  • iPhone 6 & 6+ Touch IC
  • Charging Problems
  • Backlight out / Dark screen
  • MacBook, MacBook Pro & MacBook Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Series
  • Apple iPad Series
  • Windows PC and Laptop

Individuals and businesses in need of our expertise are encouraged to Contact Us for more details.

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