Did you know Jailbreaking is a million-dollar business?



For the first time ever, a $1 million dollar 'bounty' has been paid to a group of developers as a reward for jailbreaking Apple's latest mobile operating system.

The linked article does a good job explaining the ins & outs of that deal, and also why a company like Zerodium can make a business deal like that. The long & short of it is they will get their money back, quickly, from agencies (like the NSA and FBI) who have vested interest in being able to remotely hack into iPhones. That means for the general public, the effect reaches beyond the cool-factor of an easy way to customize options that are locked from the factory, and into the grey area of privacy ethics.

Coming up next: Should you jailbreak your phone? What is the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking?

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